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Introducing our new intern

WJ Philippines are pleased to welcome our first student intern – Carlos Andrei Berlin
WJ have regularly taken on interns, and students on long term and short term placements across our various global business units, however Carlos will be the first to join our Philippines office.

Carlos is currently a student at De La Salle University in Manilla where he is studying for a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, specialising in Hydraulics and Water Resources. During his studies he has focused on subjects such as flood control, wastewater and drainage engineering, water supply and distribution and coastal and river engineering, and will be joining WJ to complete the final requirement of 480 hours of “on-the-job” expereince for his internship programme.

Carlos was very eager to join WJ to complete this requirement, noting:

“I am thrilled to join WJ Philippines for my internship program, as I am confident that this opportunity will enhance my expertise in the field of civil engineering with a particular focus on water management. I firmly believe that this knowledge is indispensable for the present and the future of our nation.”

Welcome to the team Carlos!

Dan CarpenterIntroducing our new intern
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  • Marcel Ernst - October 9, 2023 reply

    Carlos, we are proud and happy to have you on board.

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