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Safety First, Safety Always!

At WJ Philippines, safety always comes first. It is WJ’s responsibility to make sure that all its employees go home to their families safely. 

WJ’s Health and Safety Officers are responsible for ensuring safe systems of work are in place and for conducting Health and Safety training and drills. 

Are staff are trained in: 

  • Confined Space Working
  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling
  • Working at Height
  • Working with High Voltage Electricity
  • Safe Lifting and Lifting Plans
  • Working near Deep Water
  • Safety around Drilling Rigs
  • Heat Stress Awareness
  • Housekeeping on Site
  • Spillage Containment
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Fire Drills
  • Covid Safe Working

Health, Safety and Environmental training is vitally important to prevent any potential hazard or workplace accidents, and helps to keep people healthy, engaged and motivated whilst at work. 

WJ strongly believes that if a company has a good HSE training program and the employees have thorough knowledge of it, a positive health and safety environment will be sustained.

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Dan CarpenterSafety First, Safety Always!
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